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Pathogend of New Jersey in the spotlight

Pathogend of New Jersey in the Spotlight

Toni Lenhard of Pathogend of New Jersey in the spotlight

Recently, Betsy Cirillo and Toni Lenhard, co-owners of Pathogend of NJ, were a featured spotlight in New Jersey’s leading local news source, Patch The article recognized Pathogend’s five years of fighting viruses and biohazards.

Founded in March of 2017 Pathogend of N.J. uses its treatments to keep businesses, schools and organizations running smoothly and safely. Pathogend of NJ provides high-level disinfection and bio-decontamination services for individuals, businesses, medical facilities, schools and other organizations.  

Toni Lenhard and Betsy Cirillo are the co-owners of Pathogend of N.J., which they founded in 2017. Betsy Cirillo shared more about Pathogend of N.J. with Patch. 

Pathogend of New Jersey in the Spotlight

Entrepreneurial spirit has been a part of me since starting a babysitting referral program at the age of 13. Years later I found myself stuck in the corporate world, many mornings looking for an excuse not to go into the office. Over time I forgot how ambitious I used to be, I wondered where my get-up-and go went. It was time for a change!

That get-up-and-go was sparked again when I met Toni Lenhard; she came with experience, connections and the idea of starting a business. She knew the world of high-level disinfection, and was well versed in competing products, but more importantly she had the skill set and drive to start a successful business. Toni was looking for a business partner and she wanted to go into business with me.

This meant a radical shift: after 20 years in media communications, I now had to go through a grueling training program and hang up my fashionable blazer for a hazmat suit. I made it through to the other side and haven’t looked back since. Pathogend of New Jersey was formed in March of 2017.

Time to put together a plan.

The single most important thing you have to do when you start a business is to figure out what problem you’re solving or what need you’re fulfilling. Next is obtaining a quality product or service. Finally, get exposure, find jobs and build a team.

Toni and I started with Pathogend of N.J. disinfecting EMS vehicles, nursing homes, private residences and a variety of small businesses that needed whole-space disinfection to keep their staff, patients and customers safe from dangerous viruses and bacteria that were part of their daily experience.

Pathogend provides disinfection and decontamination services to businesses, schools and other organizations in New Jersey and New York.
Pathogend of New Jersey Elementary School cleaning ESCNJ

As the years passed and our business was growing, we wanted to expand and help larger businesses and facilities eliminate the virus or germ of the day. From flu to MRSA to SARS, viruses have been impacting businesses and schools for years and we knew we had the tools to help increase productivity and attendance. 

We submitted Pathogend’s bid to become a vendor for the state, and in 2018, Pathogend of N.J. passed the vetting process and was awarded a contract by Educational Services Commission of New Jersey (ESCNJ). We are the only bio-decontamination business in New Jersey awarded the ESCNJ certification, which has been extended through October 2022. This certification has opened the door to new markets with unlimited opportunities.

The keys to our success include the Pathogend of N.J. EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)  approved process, our equipment and having highly- trained technicians.

The demand for high-level disinfection services has increased dramatically since the COVID-19 pandemic. Many businesses jumped from their core business and instantly became experts in disinfection. Pathogend’s expertise has been in high-level disinfection since our doors opened.

Pathogend’s Bio-decontamination Experts Answer Your Questions

Is it safe? Will our electronics be harmed? How powerful is the fog? What does it kill? Does it kill mold? Who uses Pathogend of N.J.?

  • Whole-space disinfection
  • Hospital-grade sanitization
  • Dedicated Professional Team
  • Pathogend Patented Process
  • 99.9999% Effective Kill-Rate
  • Mold Remediation
  • Eco-friendly
  • Affordable
  • Available 24 hours a day 7 days a week
  • EPA Approved – safe, non-toxic
  • 20+ years of experience
Patch of New Jersey 99.9999 percent kill rate

Pathogend achieves a 6-log kill rate (99.9999 percent%) against some of the toughest microbials to disinfect. We eliminate pathogens, bacteria and inactivate viruses in addition to remediating mold, mildew and its spores. Our solution is EPA approved, we are 100 percent% safe, non-toxic, non-corrosive and compatible with electronics. We have serviced New York City government buildings, senior healthcare facilities, senior housing developments, gyms, daycare centers and many New Jersey schools. Our fogging technology effectively disinfects the entire room, in between every nook and cranny, even those difficult to reach areas. All our work is validated, an electronic report is sent after every job, it includes pre- and- post sample results along with pictures.

We treat you like family

And most importantly, we treat you like family. Through all of our EPA certifications and ESCNJ awards and safety standards —- the health and safety of you, your staff and your customers and clients is our first priority.

Pathogend of New Jersey was born from an entrepreneurial spirit and grew as the needs of our customers expanded. Let us help you keep your business growing and your staff and customers, students and faculty stay safe. COVID-19 may move on, but there will always be another nasty virus waiting to take its place. You can’t stop viruses and germs from existing, but you can eliminate them before they hurt others.

Pathogend of New Jersey —- because we care.

For a free consultation for disinfecting and decontamination services for your business contact Pathogend of NJ today.

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