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How can working with Pathogend® of New Jersey help keep your business safe?

Most businesses employ janitorial staff who do an excellent job removing visible dust and grime, leaving spaces sparkly clean and, unfortunately, possibly full of contagious germs.

Businesses have a responsibility to provide as safe a workplace, or setting as possible. The ugly truth is there is a huge difference between “clean” and “disinfected.” Many cleaning staff simply don’t have the proper training or equipment to eliminate pathogens from all the surfaces people touch (upholstered furniture, curtains, bedding, etc.). Stubborn germs like Flu, MRSA, and Norovirus lurk in waiting rooms, copy rooms, and conference rooms are nearly impossible to completely remove using standard cleaning methods. Soft surfaces can be very challenging to disinfect due to the small holes and gaps in material that allow pathogens to hide, they should not be ignored! The good news is these germs cannot move or hide from Pathogend’s Whole Space disinfection process.

Fortunately, the Pathogend® comprehensive disinfection service uses hospital-grade, eco-friendly hydrogen peroxide fog along with other EPA-approved methods proven to kill 99.9999% of germs on every surface without damage to electronics, fabrics, or even paperwork. We aid your current custodial staff by resetting your space to zero, making your current cleaning methods more effective. Pathogend of New Jersey also offers consulting services to help your your staff maintain a healthy environment for your employees and clients.


  • Mitigate risk and ease concern with our services and validated reports.
  • Breathe easy knowing our solution leaves no residue or harmful odor.
  • Give your workforce and clients peace of mind with our post-treatment validation documentation.
  • Eco-friendly treatment with hospital-grade sanitization efficiency.
  • We can scale and offer effective solutions to any size space. Contact us today to schedule a walk through for your business!
We are equipped to treat as much as 150,000 cf per hour with our bio-tech equipment on the front lines so that the human risk is limited, and you can keep your business operating as permitted and mitigate ongoing threats with scheduled treatment plans tailored to your operation.

We assess your space based on cubic footage, number of enclosed rooms, and various space nuances. Providing drawings helps us to assess set-up and logistics timing to better set your expectations of treatment footprint. We approach each client with a logistics plan review, including the clients responsibilities and our responsibilities and communicate all aspects of our plan and pre-post directives prior to treatment.

It is important to note, disinfection protects you from what came into your space by zeroing you out at the time of treatment completion. We do not use residue leaving substances that are health risks or create future barriers. Once a contaminant enters a previously disinfected space it is again at risk of contaminating the space. Please be scrutinous in researching claims that state otherwise for the health and protection of your community.

*CFU, Colony forming units reduced to less than 1 CFU with the Pathogend System vs. leading household disinfectant spray leaving 1000 CFU behind


Our EPA Validated Disinfection Process reduces harmful pathogens in addition to eliminating odor-causing biological oils, such as sweat, urine, food, mold etc.

The Pathogend® patented system has been eliminating bacteria, viruses and spores such as HAI *c.diff at a kill rate of 99.9999% since 2004.

Our service eliminates these common germs and more:

















We were here before COVID.

And we’ll be here after. Stay safe with regular service for peace of mind.