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Pathogend® of New Jersey provides hospital-grade, whole space bio-decontamination services. We specialize in high-level disinfection of schools, colleges & universities, ambulances, hospitals, daycare & nursing facilities, businesses and more. 

We have extensive experience decontaminating large facilities on a routine/preventative basis as well as emergency/outbreak response.

Pathogend's bio-decontamination services provide hospital-grade disinfection for emergency outbreaks and preventative maintenance.

Keep your customers and employees safe.
Our proactive disinfection treatments eliminate the buildup of harmful germs that have the potential of creating havoc in your facility. Combating this year’s pandemic takes more than manpower; Pathogend has the most effective tools & uses the latest technology available. We kill the flu, C. diff, Staph, HIV, Norovirus and many more dangerous pathogens (including Coronavirus)! 

Germs Pathogend Protects Against:

and many more dangerous pathogens 

We know attendance matters.

Whether it’s in school or at the workplace, providing a safe environment is not optional, it’s required. Full documentation and validation of our work is provided after each service. Our reports are evidence that you have taken significant steps to keep your community safe. These reports are especially important if an individual or penalizing agency is suggesting you were neglectful or at fault.
Our services utilize the most effective tools available in combination with multiple product lines to provide a healthier space:
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Hydrogen peroxide pulse misting, UV lights, and sporicidal disinfectants.

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Our process kills 99.9999% (Log 6 reduction) of dangerous bacteria, viruses, spores & other harmful germs.

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EPA approved, safe, non-toxic, non-hazardous, eco-friendly, affordable.

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Testing, validation, and decontamination reports. We provide detailed job reports that include measured components, photos and recommendations for improvement.

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Door decal and certificate stating that your facility has been medically disinfected for the health and safety of your community.

Pathogend® of New Jersey are pleased to announce our formal award from The Educational Services Commission of New Jersey!

We were awarded the Bio-Decontamination Services contract (Bid #ESCNJ 18/19-32) by The Educational Services Commission of NJ (state approved co-op #65MCESCCPS) for the bid term 10/19/18-extended to 10/18/21.

Pathogend of New Jersey is the only vendor that was awarded the contract for Bio-Decontamination Services from the largest co-op in NJ. We’ve been thoroughly vetted by the state and met all requirements to effectively carry out high level disinfection.

No Touch, Whole Space Disinfection

We eliminate the human error associated with traditional spray/wipe techniques and manual disinfectant spraying technologies. We calculate the cubic dimensions of the space we are treating and plug that number into our foggers. The foggers will automatically emit the appropriate amount of disinfectant to treat 100% of all surfaces within the room.


Patented Pulse Technology

While most systems rely on dispensing chemical and turning off once the desired time is achieved, or depend on manual spraying, our foggers go a step further by focusing on a “maintained pathogen kill zone”. Our patented pulse process maintains that volume of solution within a space to improve optimal environmental conditions.


Validation & Reporting

We validate our service to kill 99.9999% (6 log reduction) of all bacteria, viruses and mold. We use multiple forms of validation and provide you with measurable results in a detailed decontamination report with pictures and video.

Safe, Effective & Affordable

We use EPA approved products that are non-toxic and non-hazardous. Our foggers emit a dry mist of hydrogen peroxide, so they won’t damage any electronics/sensitive equipment, won’t leave any surfaces wet and won’t leave an odor or residue behind.


Experience & Expertise

Bio-decontamination services is our only focus, we have 10+ years of experience and are very knowledgeable in infection prevention and control. Pathogend is a nationwide company with extensive experience decontaminating facilities and vehicles of all sizes on a routine/preventative basis as well as emergency/outbreak response.


Certificate of Bio-Decontamination

We provide you with a certificate and window decal stating that your facility has been medically disinfected for the health and safety of all guests and employees. This is a great marketing tool for you to display to show your customers that you’ve gone above and beyond to ensure their safety.

Pathogend provides disinfection service packages or the option to purchase our fogging system, which includes training and consulting.