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Pathogend® of New Jersey works with a variety of businesses and are recognized in the tri-state area as a leader in bio-decontamination. We have extensive experience decontaminating facilities and vehicles of all sizes on a routine and preventative basis as well as outbreak and emergency response. Trust the experts, let our team help create and maintain a healthy and safe environment for your team.


Pathogend® of New Jersey has been decontaminating routine areas such as locker, weight and wrestling rooms as well as school buses since 2017. We are also available for COVID focused areas such as classrooms and common spaces when requested…

Local Municipalities

Traditional cleaning and spot sanitizing are no match for protecting against highly contagious and virulent strains of viruses and bacteria. Our CURIS fogging systems provide whole-space disinfection, are eco-friendly and EPA-approved…

First Responders

Return your rescue vehicle to service faster and shorten the turn-around time between calls with Pathogend’s patented decontamination services.  Emergency vehicles, medical transport equipment, vehicle interiors and military transportation can be placed back into service efficiently and safely. Soft spots, medical equipment and hard to reach spaces are whole-space disinfected. Validated post-treatment testing ensures 6-log kill rate (99.9999%).


The ugly truth is there is a huge difference between “clean” and “disinfected.” Cleaning staff simply don’t have the proper training or equipment to eliminate pathogens from all the surfaces people touch…

Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare Acquired Infections (HAIs) are a leading cause of re-hospitalization, sometimes even deaths (99,000 deaths a year costing nearly $20 billion). Our fogging techniques are EPA-approved and provide a 6-log kill rate…

Other industries

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Residential/Care Facilities

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