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A 6 log kill rate means killer solutions for youPathogend® of New Jersey are pleased to announce our formal award from The Educational Services Commission of New Jersey!

Pathogend® of New Jersey was the only vendor to be awarded the Bio-decontamination Services contract from the Educational Services Commission of New Jersey, the largest state-approved cooperative pricing system in NJ. (Bid #ESCNJ 22/23-18, 10/19/18-10/18/20, extended to 10/18/24).

Lockers, weight rooms and wrestling room are areas within a school that are considered hotspots for germs.  Pathogend of New Jersey has been routinely decontaminating these spaces for New Jersey schools since 2017.  We are also available for COVID focused areas such as classrooms and common spaces when requested. Staph and MRSA infections can spread through contact when there are open cuts or skin-to-skin contact. This along with shared towels, equipment and uniforms allow infection rates to soar. Pathogend suggests bringing in any additional equipment, uniforms and mats to the treated area when space allows.

How can regular treatments with Pathogend of New Jersey help your school?

 Outbreak Recovery or Preventative Maintenance…

…we know a healthy school requires healthy students and teachers. Unfortunately, highly-contagious germs often wreak havoc on attendance. While your janitorial staff works hard, they cannot eliminate germs from every surface. Our hydrogen peroxide micron fogging treatment reaches every nook, cranny, and shadowy corner–undersides of chairs and desks, doorknobs, light switches, cubbies, keyboards, books, walls, and flooring.

Keep attendance rates high and students and staff healthy. Our decontamination strategies aid your current measures and custodial staff by reaching every nook, cranny, and shadowy corner — including the undersides of chairs and desks, doorknobs, light switches, cubbies, keyboards, books, walls and flooring. We work together with individual schools and districts to provide both outbreak response and routine preventative services.

Reduce Absenteeism

Student attendance is one of the most critical components in a student’s success. Are you eliminating the germs in your facility that cause absenteeism? Pathogend® of New Jersey offers trainings and consulting on the best tools and methods to use for your own unique conditions, exposure and on-going mitigation needs.

Often Overlooked Germ Havens

While desktops and hard flooring receive most cleaning attention, germs populate much harder to clean surfaces like carpets in libraries, doorknobs, light switches, walls and cubbies, and undersides/edges of tables and chairs (yes, students touch these–just consider how many wads of gum are found there).

Improve Your Reputation

How does the public feel about the healthiness of your school? Your facility’s reputation depends not only on its academic success, but also on how well it provides a safe space for students. This includes general facility health. Repeated illnesses will not only affect parent support, but also open you up to costly litigation. Pathogend of New Jersey measures and assesses pathogen populations prior to treatment and provides you with a post-treatment validation statement ensuring a sterilization level of at least 6-log kill rate and evidence for you to share with your students, families and faculty demonstrating successful treatment.

Avoid a Lawsuit

If your facility is in the news due to an outbreak, let Pathogend shoulder the burden of eliminating the germs while providing you proof of a pro-active protocol in place. Our patented Pathogen® systems have been time-tested since 2004.

Our service eliminates these common school germs and more:

















Pathogend has always realized the need for cleaning and sanitization in our schools. Listen to the founder as she explains the extra needs in educational facilities and how the CURIS® is impacting our school environments.
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