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Fogging NJSBGA Q&As - disinfect your schools learn why

Disinfectant Fogging for NJSBGA

Our fogging is a 100% eco-friendly method of eliminating COVID and even the most difficult to kill germs. We fog because it reaches every surface, even where wiping misses.

Facilities Departments throughout NJ are working proactively to create and maintain healthy spaces for students and staff. Pathogend of NJ uses the latest in disinfection technology to reduce the spread of germs such as bacteria, viruses, and mold, as well as improve indoor air quality. The fogging will medically disinfect the space(s) and aid in eliminating odors and mustiness.C

Is Fogging Safe?


The solution is made of 7% hydrogen peroxide, which leaves no harmful residues behind.


Unlike other disinfectants, the solution contains no VOCs , breaks down to oxygen and water and produces no harmful, sticky by-products.


The products we use are safe, eco-friendly, EPA approved, and validated.


In fact, these products are widely used in healthcare, schools, EMS vehicles, and public transportation.


The products we use are safe, widely used, and decompose leaving NO HARMFUL RESIDUES on surfaces or in the air. The fogging will simply leave your area fresher (NOT perfumed) and healthier.

Do you remove mold?

Yes. Once the source of the mold has been fixed our experts eliminate the dangerous mold spores to keep your space safe.

What if I am pregnant?

No need to worry about harmful residues. The products we use leave no harmful residue on surfaces or in the air.

How long does the fogging take?

Depending on the size (volume) of the room, the fogging cycle takes from 12 minutes to 1 hour. The process typically takes about 4 hours from set up to re-entry time.

When is it safe to re-enter the room after treatment?

You may re-enter the room at the time posted on the placard on the door. The placard will show the start time, plus treatment time, plus 3 hours, ending with safe re-entry time.

Pre-Fogging Checklist:

Teacher/Classroom Instructions

Classroom Pets:

Remove any pets that can be relocated (hamsters, guinea pigs, etc.). Fish tanks will be covered and filters turned off during treatment, and then uncovered and filters turned back on after treatment.

Science Experiments, Etc.:

Remove or air-tight cover any science experiments, etc., that could be affected by a disinfectant, such as growing germs in a petri dish.

Computers, Electronics, and Papers:

No special precautions are necessary. They are safe during fogging treatment. Don’t worry about covering or putting anything away as the product is eco-friendly, safe, and will not “wet” surfaces.

Administrator (Principal or SAM) Instructions

HVAC Scheduling:

The air must be turned off 30 minutes prior to fogging and turned back on at the end of the service.
School Administrative staff must put in a schedule request.

Pre-Clean/Wipe Down:

Best results occur when surfaces are pre-cleaned by janitorial staff before the fogging treatment.

A 6 log kill rate means killer solutions for youPathogend® of New Jersey are pleased to announce our formal award from The Educational Services Commission of New Jersey!

(Bid #ESCNJ 18/19-32) by The Educational Services Commission of NJ (state approved co-op #65MCESCCPS) for the bid term 10/19/18-10/18/20. Extended through 10/18/22.


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