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Pathogend of New Jersey specializes in bio-decontamination. We know you have questions and Betsy and Toni have answers for all of your industrial sanitization questions.

Whole Space Decontamination

Own Your Own CURIS® Unit and you will have the freedom to sanitize when and where you need it most! Read our FAQs & order today. Pathogend of NJ for all of your biodecontamination needs Betsy and Toni and the bio-decontamination experts

Clean Air Technology

Clean Air Technology by WellAIR Pathogend of NJ has all of your disinfection needs contact Betsy and Toni, the Bio-decontamination experts for all of your biodecontamination needs

Are you ready to setup scheduled biodecontamination maintenance to stay ahead of the virus waves?

We have prevention and  maintenance  solutions for you.

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Hydrogen peroxide pulse misting, UV lights, and sporicidal disinfectants.

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Our process kills 99.9999% (Log 6 reduction) of dangerous bacteria, viruses, spores & other harmful germs.

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EPA approved, safe, non-toxic, non-hazardous, eco-friendly, affordable.

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Testing, validation, and decontamination reports. We provide detailed job reports that include measured components, photos and recommendations for improvement.

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Door decal and certificate stating that your facility has been medically disinfected for the health and safety of your community.

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COVID prevention:

  • measures have diminished flu-related deaths
  • saves lives
The 2020 flu season was virtually non-existent
2021 flu activity remains lower than usual. 


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(Log 6 reduction) of dangerous bacteria, viruses, spores & other harmful germs.

and more dangerous pathogens 

Our process kills 99.9999%

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