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The flu season is almost upon us. Flu virus pathogens like the one in this image can be eliminated with Pathogend of New Jersey's special wellair technology.

Flu: Bug of the Month

It’s almost flu season again! Probably one of the most common and well-known viruses, the flu, or influenza, is especially prevalent in the fall and winter months. A combination of enclosed spaces, a drop in temperature, and back to school season is the cause for these outbreaks. There are 2 main types of influenza: type A and B. Type A is the most common, the most contagious and causes the most adverse symptoms. Type B is thought to be milder but can still cause unpleasant symptoms and spread to others.

The influenza virus primarily attacks the respiratory system, and includes symptoms like coughing, fever, aches and chills, congestion and fatigue. Typically, the virus clears up on its own in a healthy immune system, but risk factors in some people including the elderly make a flu outbreak especially dangerous. Vaccines are available to everyone over the age of 12, but taking additional precautions during the outbreak season is also necessary.

Here are some important points on influenza from the CDC:

  • The flu spreads most commonly through the air. When an infected person coughs, talks, or sneezes, particulates containing the virus can be transported to others.
  • Surface transmission is less frequent, but the virus has been known to survive on surfaces. Surface sanitation should be practiced regularly during flu season!
  • Children are the most likely age group to get sick with the flu. Keeping schools sanitized and clean is essential during outbreak months.
  • Though the virus typically resolves itself, serious complications including bronchitis, pneumonia and ear/sinus infections are possible. It’s estimated around 200,000 people are hospitalized every year due to complications from influenza.

Though flu season happens every year, we can help you protect yourself, your family and your employees from infection.

Pathogend of New Jersey specializes in whole-space sanitation, and our technology has been proven affective against influenza. Our WellAir Solutions eliminate flu pathogens from the air, and are perfect for communal spaces where flu spreads. Additionally, we use UV lighting and hydrogen peroxide pulse misting for surface sanitation. Ready to get ahead of flu season before it starts? Call us today! If you’re in the tri-state area, we come to you. If not, we will train and equip your team.

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