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Pathogend of New Jersey's epa patended process leaves behind a no germs - keeping your families at your day care center safe and healthy

What’s the value of a safe, healthy Day Care Center?

Does your daycare pass the test?

A tidy classroom may not tell the full story. Germs are invisible; ineffective cleaning techniques can spread harmful germs and create chaos in your facility. Pathogend of NJ consults, trains and provides services to keep your school healthy and safe.

What is it worth for you and the families you serve to have a healthy and safe day care center?

For the cost of only two tuitions your day care center or facility could have high-log disinfection, free from harsh chemicals that’s specifically designed to fight cross contamination and outbreaks.

Pathogend of NJ provides professionally trained technicians, advanced technology, documented reporting with measurable results that makes even the most skeptical of parents comfortable. Day care centers have a higher level of accountability, providing a safe and healthy environment is an absolute requirement. Pathogend of New Jersey has the equipment and expertise to reduce and eliminate the dangerous, stubborn bacteria and germs that all daycares struggle with.

  • Our protocols and products are safe, eco-friendly and highly effective.
  • Pathogend’s dry mist hydrogen peroxide fogging hits all the hard to reach areas that often get overlooked.
  • EPA Approved process eliminates 99.9999% of all harmful pathogens.
Show families in your day care center that you care Pathogend of New Jersey

Show your day care center parents you care

Obtain a Pathogend seal on every door and proudly display our plaque at your entrance, allowing parents and staff to know that you care enough to bring in the professionals.

Providing safety for all of the tiny hands and feet in your care!

Here’s what a satisfied day care center had to say about the process, “When we experienced a widespread illness, the Pathogend team came out quickly to decontaminate our entire facility. They took the time to educate our staff on the difference between sanitizing and disinfecting and how we can best protect the children in our care. They used safe products, so we don’t have to worry about the tiny hands and feet in our center. That is the best feeling! Thank you Pathogend!”

Safe and Affordable

Affordable programs starting at $300* per room. Electronic reporting with pictures and videos are perfect to show parents or send to potential customers to demonstrate your commitment to keeping children in your care healthy and safe.

*Rooms larger than 625 Sq. ft with max 12 ft ceiling will have an additional charge.

What do disinfectants leave behind?

Pathogend of New Jersey's epa patended process leaves behind a no germs - keeping your families at your day care center safe and healthy

How Pathogend Works

Science and technology are a critical part of the reliability of Pathogend’s certified professional hospital-grade industrial decontamination processes. Pathogend® of New Jersey is a certified provider of Pathogend® Services in the Northeast, along with other network providers in Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Utah. We offer whole­-space disinfection services and decontamination products (CURIS® System hydrogen peroxide fogging system) tailored to meet your particular needs.

Pathogend® uses a combination of techniques to disinfect spaces, including manually wiping surfaces with a hospital-grade disinfectant and fogging rooms with a hydrogen peroxide fog. The fog is odorless, leaves no residue, and can safely provide whole-room decontamination for offices or schools.

Pathogend of New Jersey uses a log-6 rated system. 1,000 times more effective than household disinfectant spray.

What do disinfectants leave behind in day care centers? Pathogend eliminates many of thegerms and childhood viruses that others leave behind

Why is this important for your health and safety?

  • A UV light or disinfectant spray that claims a 99% or 2-log kill rate, leaves behind 100 times more bacteria than a process with a 4-log kill rate.
  • Log reduction stands for a 10-fold (or one decimal point) reduction in bacteria, meaning the disinfection reduces the number of live bacteria by 90% for every step.
  • Average household cleaners and disinfectant spray fall under a 3-log kill rate.
  • Our EPA validated disinfection reduces harmful pathogens in addition to eliminating odor-causing biological oils. Achieving a 6-log kill rate for some of the most resistant strains of bacteria and viruses

We treat you like family

We make it our mission to determine and provide you with the best course of action to achieve your desired results. We have over 12 years of experience in the industry and have been the owner/operators of Pathogend of New Jersey since 2017. We have the knowledge and experience to care for our customers as if they are family, because it is your family and co-workers that matter.

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