Pathogend of New Jersey's epa patended process leaves behind a no germs - keeping your families at your day care center safe and healthy

What’s the value of a safe, healthy Day Care Center?

Does your daycare pass the test? A tidy classroom may not tell the full story. Germs are invisible; ineffective cleaning techniques can spread harmful germs and create chaos in your

Pathogend NJ at NJSBGA in Atlantic City

Toni and Betsy will be at the 2022 New Jersey School and Buildings & Grounds Association Expo (NJSBGA) in Atlantic City March 20-23. Follow the Fog to booth #407! Ask questions, make
Pathogend of New Jersey in the spotlight

Pathogend of New Jersey in the Spotlight

Recently, Betsy Cirillo and Toni Lenhard, co-owners of Pathogend of NJ, were a featured spotlight in New Jersey’s leading local news source, Patch The article recognized Pathogend’s five years of
Fogging NJSBGA Q&As - disinfect your schools learn why

Disinfectant Fogging for NJSBGA

Our fogging is a 100% eco-friendly method of eliminating COVID and even the most difficult to kill germs. We fog because it reaches every surface, even where wiping misses. Facilities
Pathogend of New Jersey has killer solutions for youA 6 log kill rate means killer solutions for you

A 6 log kill rate means killer solutions for you

What exactly does it mean to have a 99.9999% 6 log kill rate? And is that safe? Pathogend’s certified EPA 6 log kill rate applies only to germs, bacteria and
Identifying Mold in Your Home How do you know if you're living with mold? Here are a few tips for identifying mold in your home from the experts at Pathogend of New Jersey.

Tips for Identifying Mold in Your Home

Mold growth in your home is never something you want. Unfortunately, it’s a very common occurrence and, if left unchecked, can cause serious property damage and even health issues. There