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How can working with Pathogend® of New Jersey help your local services?

During health or outbreak threats municipality environments and inability to socially distance at work can present great risk to personnel. This increases the susceptibility to outbreak due to space constrictions and the necessity for interaction.  High touch surfaces, communication devices, municipal front line workers and responders are at an increased risk to potential infection transmission as a result of high contact with the greater public including potentially infected people. Pathogend® of New Jersey’s bio-decontamination services can disinfect your municipalities emergency outbreaks 24/7.

Preventative measures are critical too. Following treatment, all spaces are always susceptible to reinfection as soon as pathogens are reintroduced to the environment. Ongoing specialized disinfection treatment will effectively reduce transmission by eliminating contamination that exists prior to treatment.

Including but not limited to:

Firehouses & EMS Stations

  • Ambulances
  • EMT gear and vehicles
  • Fire trucks
  • Ambulances, bunk rooms, crew quarters, bathrooms, meeting rooms
  • Fire uniforms and turnout gear
  • Dispatch equipment

Post Offices

  • Postal worker’s trucks and essential work spaces

Police Stations & Law Enforcement

  • Vehicles, offices, conference rooms, weight rooms, locker rooms, jail & holding cells, vehicles
  • Law enforcement squad cars
  • Command centers – City, State, Federal

Federal Responders

  • Municipal buildings
  • Court Houses
  • Housing Authorities
  • FEMA command centers
  • Disaster response professionals
  • Federal responding agencies office or temp command

Consulates/Embassies . Security . Libraries. Sewerage Facilities . Transportation Terminals . Shelters

A 6 log kill rate means killer solutions for youPathogend® of New Jersey are pleased to announce our formal award from The Educational Services Commission of New Jersey!

Pathogend® of New Jersey was the only vendor to be awarded the Bio-decontamination Services contract from the Educational Services Commission of New Jersey, the largest state-approved cooperative pricing system in NJ. (Bid #ESCNJ 22/23-18, 10/19/18-10/18/20, extended to 10/18/24).

Lockers, weight rooms and wrestling room are areas within a school that are considered hotspots for germs.  Pathogend of New Jersey has been routinely decontaminating these spaces for New Jersey schools since 2017.  We are also available for COVID focused areas such as classrooms and common spaces when requested. Staph and MRSA infections can spread through contact when there are open cuts or skin-to-skin contact. This along with shared towels, equipment and uniforms allow infection rates to soar. Pathogend suggests bringing in any additional equipment, uniforms and mats to the treated area when space allows.

Traditional cleaning and spot sanitizing can no longer meet the challenge of protecting against today’s infectious diseases. Cleaning alone may actually increase the risk of spreading pathogens throughout an environment, personnel, and equipment.

An effective approach needs to be tailored to the specific situation and environmental conditions, threats to community health and wellbeing. Our EPA Validated Disinfection Process reduces harmful pathogens in addition to eliminating odor-causing biological oils, such as sweat, urine, food, mold etc. This is disinfection, the killing of bacteria and viruses such as HAI c.diff at a kill rate of 99.9999%.

*CFU, Colony forming units reduced to less than 1 CFU with Pathogend of New Jersey System vs. leading household disinfectant spray leaving 1000 CFU behind

Our service eliminates these germs and more: