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Pathogend of New Jersey has killer solutions for youA 6 log kill rate means killer solutions for you

A 6 log kill rate means killer solutions for you

What exactly does it mean to have a 99.9999% 6 log kill rate? And is that safe?

Pathogend’s certified EPA 6 log kill rate applies only to germs, bacteria and viruses – not human or animals! Our whole-space, hospital grade disinfection process is safe, eco-friendly, non-toxic and leaves behind no residue. The 6 log kill rate refers to the number of pathogens eliminated and by what percentage. To determine the log rate scientists use a logarithmic scale. Log reduction stands for a 10-fold (or one decimal point) reduction in bacteria, meaning the disinfectant reduces the number of live bacteria by 90 percent for every step.

What is the impact of a 6 log kill rate?

  • A 1-log kill reduces the colony to 100,000 bacteria after a 90% reduction;
  • A 2-log kill reduces the colony to 10,000 bacteria after a 99% reduction;
  • A 3-log kill reduces the colony to 1,000 bacteria after a 99.9% reduction;
  • A 4-log kill reduces the colony to 100 bacteria after a 99.99% reduction;
  • A 5-log kill reduces the colony to 10 bacteria after a 99.999% reduction;
  • A 6-log kill reduces the colony to 1 bacterium after a 99.9999% reduction.

Disinfection that manages to get a 2-log kill leaves 100 times more bacteria to breed and infect than does a process that gets a 4-log kill. 

Pathogend’s EPA Certified 6 log kill rate kills 99.9999% of bacteria, viruses and germs.

For Pathogend of New Jersey to make this bold claim of 99.9999% 6 log kill rate, we must go through a rigorous process and be certified by the EPA to prove the claims made. We are proud to say that the EPA has certified both our process and efficacy. There are no limitations to the pathogens we can kill since each treatment strives for a six log reduction, 99 9999%, of the most difficult to kill bacterial spores, but some more common germs you may have heard of are …


C. Diff










and much more

A 6 log kill rate means killer solutions for you

We may not be able to prevent the latest bug or virus, but we can control it

Monthly and routine disinfection can help keep outbreaks under control and ultimately help your family, friends, co-workers and staff happy, healthy and productive. Pathogend of New Jersey comes to you inside the Tri-state area and will train and equip your on-site team throughout the country.

Call Pathogend of New Jersey at 800-920-7608 24/7 and find out what killer solutions we have for you. We also specialize in mold remediation and will provide you with a trustworthy evaluation of your needs. Contact Pathogend of New Jersey for your free estimate today.

Betsy Cirillo and Toni Lenhard lead a dedicated team of professionals at Pathogend of New Jersey whose commitment to your safety is their mission 365 days of the year 24/7.

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