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Science & Technology

How Pathogend Works

Science and technology are a critical part of the reliability of Pathogend’s certified professional hospital-grade industrial decontamination processes. Pathogend® of New Jersey is a certified provider of Pathogend® Services in the Northeast, along with other network providers in Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Utah. We offer whole­-space disinfection services and decontamination products (CURIS® System hydrogen peroxide fogging system) tailored to meet your particular needs.

Pathogend® uses a combination of techniques to disinfect spaces, including manually wiping surfaces with a hospital-grade disinfectant and fogging rooms with a hydrogen peroxide fog. The fog is odorless, leaves no residue, and can safely provide whole-room decontamination for offices or schools.

The CURIS Decontamination System has revolutionized industrial disinfection practices and cleaning protocols, changing expectations of germ safety from “attempts to just clean better” to an achievable, measurable kill rate of 99.9999% of dangerous germs.

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Since there are no shortcuts in infection prevention utilizing multiple methods of high-level disinfection is critical in enabling your facility to successfully eradicate pathogens in any space.

  • CURIS hydrogen peroxide fogging
  • Hospital grade UV light treatment
  • EPA registered sporicidal disinfectants
  • Decontaminating every nook and crevice
  • CDC checklists and protocols

Germs Pathogend Protects Against:


C. Diff







Tuberculosis (TB)



Mold & Fungi

and many more

Our Hydrogen Peroxide Fogging

It’s all about the droplet!

Hydrogen Peroxide Fogging: The size of the particles our foggers dispense is between micron dry mist (smoke is 10-12 microns). As these particles are compressed and pass through a specialized dispensing tip they pick up a slightly negative charge which allows the particles to bounce off of each other. These bouncing particles are then propelled by each other and forced to billow into a fog-like cloud that reaches every crevice disinfecting 100% of surfaces air touches.


Why Micron Mist?

Unlike electrostatic, hand-held, or tripod foggers, CURIS® foggers fully envelop the space with a hydrogen peroxide disinfecting solution, removing the human error component and ensuring the most thorough treatment possible with no missed pathogens left behind.

Pathogend Protection Process

Whole Space Decontamination Specifically Tailored to Your Needs


The most critical stage in our process. It allows us to formulate a custom-tailored decontamination plan based on the risks you face and your unique business requirements all designed to avoid excessive time and unnecessary costs. Our assessment includes swab testing, understanding your unique facility’s needs, and setting goals to promote a healthy space.


Choosing from a variety of tools in our disinfection toolbox we will determine if all or just one of our proven sterilization or disinfection methods are needed. Some of the equipment in our toolbox are hydrogen peroxide vapor, dry fogging, ultraviolet light, wet fogging, or electrostatic spraying.


Pathogend certified experts combine years of experience in high-level disinfection and detailed reporting with validation, pictures and recommendations to ensure your organization has the evidence it needs to protect itself from penalizing agencies, concerned customers or staff.

Need MOLD Remediation?

For an honest evaluation of your mold remediation needs call us: