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How safe is your environment - provide a pathogen free environment with Pathogend of New Jersey

How Safe is Your Environment?

Are you doing everything you can to keep your schools safe? Are students and staff wondering, “how safe is your environment?”? Provide a pathogen free environment.

Assure your families and staff that your school or workplace is a medically disinfected and certified safe zone with Pathogend of New Jersey’s patented bio-decontamination process. Validated post-treatment testing ensures the highest industry standard of sterilization rate (6 log kill rate). The Pathogend of NJ process kills 99.9999% of all germs and viruses including Covid-19, SARS and MRSA. Keep your environment healthy with our affordable and eco-friendly hospital-grade, whole space biodecontamination services.

Show your customers and staff that you are working to keep them in a pathogen free environment.

Not only can we help – we go above and beyond to test and create reports for customers in the New Jersey Tri-state area that demonstrate to your families and staff that you have a medically disinfected virus and germ free environment.

Proudly display your certificate showing your community that you care about their health and well-being and be part of the solution to help keep schools open. Pathogend of NJ has extensive experience working in schools, classrooms, busses and locker rooms in the New Jersey Tri-State area and equipping and training on-site cleaning crews nationwide.

We leave no germ behind.

Schedule your full space disinfection today.

Or call 800-920-7608 to learn more about how Pathogend of NJ can train and equip your on-site cleaning crew nationwide to create a healthy and safe environment for your customers and staff. Pathogend of New Jersey’s ESCNJ’s bio-decontamination services contract has been extended to 10/18/22 for your ease in purchasing effective decontamination services. Your COVID-19 funds can be used to purchase these services.

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