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Disinfecting Emergency Medical Service Vehicles

It goes without saying that first responders and Emergency Medical Technicians are everyday heroes, and their work is invaluable. EMTs and EMS personnel put their lives on the line every day, and this often includes exposure to harmful pathogens and diseases. This is why routine disinfecting of Emergency Medical Service Vehicles is crucial, both for the protection of patients and the protection of EMS providers.

Pathogend of New Jersey specializes in disinfecting Emergency Medical Service vehicles and fleets.

Pathogend’s patented decontamination services cover everything from ambulances and patrol cars to medical equipment transport vehicles and even military transport vehicles. We thoroughly disinfect the front cabins of vehicles as well as patient transport spaces and hard-to-reach areas. Most importantly, we treat vehicle HVAC systems, the most overlooked aspect of EMS vehicles. Having well-filtered air along with solution treating HVAC systems has never been more essential for stopping the spread of disease. Don’t overlook this critical aspect!

For EMS providers, time is the biggest consideration. Shorten the turnaround time for vehicle sanitation and have your fleets ready for the next call by setting up a routine sanitation plan with Pathogend. Our disinfecting protocols and portable surface sanitation systems are fast, effective, and will get you up and running quickly and safely. Pathogend of New Jersey works with your schedule and budget, and we will customize bio-decontamination services for your unique needs. Whether you need cleaning daily, weekly, or monthly, we have solutions for you. Call us today to set up your routine maintenance or emergency EMS vehicle disinfection processes!

Pathogend technology has been verified effective against SARS-COV-2 and the Coronavirus. View the statement of efficiency here.

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