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Pathogend of New Jersey comes to you to decontaminate your business workspace

Pathogend of New Jersey Comes to You

The team at Pathogend®of New Jersey are experts in bio-decontamination; we have been improving and maintaining the health and safety of businesses and industries for . We understand how important it is for you to improve and maintain the health of your business facility. And, as important as having a safe and disinfected work-space is the ability to thoroughly and effectively prove to your customers and staff the veracity of their safety.

Our work is specialized, detailed and based on exact measurements; no guesstimates allowed, and we know that your business has unique needs, which is why Pathogend of New Jersey comes to you. A visual inspection prior to our service saves your business time and money, we can ensure that the whole-space dimensions are accurate, walk you through the entire process A to Z, and we can arrange to have areas prepped ahead of time allowing our crew to get started that much faster.

Save time when Pathogend of New Jersey comes to you

Workflow management is essential in our line of work, consistent standardized protocols are mandatory. Running a safe, efficient job while obtaining optimal results is our goal every time!  Pathogend of New Jersey’s proprietary cloud-based reporting system brings your business and the public the reassurance and peace of mind they deserve in these uncertain times.

Whether your business is a large scale government building or a small site, Pathogend of New Jersey comes to you to disinfect any size workspace. The CURIS’ CURoxide™ Hydrogen Peroxide blend and fogging system is the only pulse fogging system on the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)’s List-N for efficacy against SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19). CURoxide has been used since 2014 to stop the spread of infectious disease in commercial settings across the world.

Reduce your risk and provide peace of mind

Traditional decontamination cleaning methods, even those approved for COVID-19, SARS and other dangerous viruses, often miss surface areas while many disinfectants can leave thousands of harmful germs and organisms behind on surfaces. Reduce your risk and provide your staff and customers with the peace of mind that the leading bio-decontamination service in New Jersey offers. Eliminate viruses and germs before they get you down. Contact Pathogend of New Jersey today and schedule your consultation. Outside the New Jersey Tri-state area? No problem, we can equip and train your on-site crew to keep your space safe and healthy and to eliminate dangerous pathogends. You can trust our EPA certified process

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