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Own Your Own CURIS® Unit and you will have the freedom to sanitize when and where you need it most! Read our FAQs & order today. Pathogend of NJ for all of your biodecontamination needs Betsy and Toni and the bio-decontamination experts

Own Your Own CURIS® Unit

Have you considered how it would be to own your own CURIS® unit? With this fogger you can have the freedom to sanitize when and where you need it most in your environment. This is an option for you! Because there are a variety of models, we prefer to learn what your needs are so you can get everything you need to effectively sanitize your space. Contact us and we will guide you through the process. Below are a few of our most frequently asked questions.

How soon can I get the equipment?

Lead time on equipment is approximately 10 business days.

How much does the system cost?

There are several different models available.  Please contact us so we can help determine the best device for your needs.

Do you ship anywhere?

Pathogend of New Jersey ships anywhere within the US.

Own your own CURIS® unit from Pathogend of New Jersey - we will provide you the support you need

Is there training available?

Onsite training is available in the Tri-State area and we offer Zoom meetings for outside the Tri-State area.  We are always available for questions and continued support.

How will we get necessary supplies?

You can place an order with Pathogend of NJ via phone or email.  Supplies will be shipped via common carrier.

What kind of supplies will we need?

It will depend on the type of disinfection being performed.  Basic supplies include the CURIS Fogger and CUROxide disinfectant solution.

We are a “green” office – is the fogging harmful?

No it’s not harmful! 7% hydrogen peroxide fogging solution.  Breaks down into its by-parts of oxygen and water.  Non-toxic, non-hazardous, eco-friendly.

Does the fogging leave a residue?

The foggers produce a dry mist of hydrogen peroxide – no residues will be left behind!

What kind of prep work do we (cleaning staff) need?

Standard pre-cleaning procedures, remove plants/pets/open food during fogging, seal doors with painter’s tape, cover smoke detectors, shut off HVAC during fogging.

Do we need protective gear?

Gloves to pour solution, full face respirator if you need to re-enter the room prior to the dissipation time.

Does my cleaning staff need any special certifications?


Own your own CURIS® unit from Pathogend of New Jersey - we will help you get the proper equipment you need to clear your space of viruses, pathogens, covid and more!

Is the CURIS® unit tested for quality control?

Each fogger is quality control tested by the manufacturer prior to being sent out to the end-user.

How do we test to know that the fogging is getting to all areas?

You can use hydrogen peroxide chemical indicator strips to ensure the fog is reaching all areas within the space (purchased from Pathogend).

If we purchase the equipment, will we get the “clean certification”?

Certificates of Bio-Decontamination are provided by Pathogend once a disinfection service is completed.  These certificates are only provided if we complete the service.

Have more questions? Need more information? Want to own your own CURIS® unit?

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