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One of the biggest (and most costly) issues a homeowner can face is mold growth. Luckily, there are a few ways to reduce mold indoors with help from Pathogend of New Jersey.

Top 5 Ways to Reduce Mold Indoors

One of the biggest (and most costly) issues a homeowner can face is mold growth. Renters can also be affected, and may be wondering what resources are available. The New Jersey Department of Health offers some valuable information for renters. So what’s so bad about mold? Not only does mold ruin a living space, it can be harmful and even deadly if left unchecked. According to the CDC, mold has been linked to upper respiratory problems, including asthma, as well as skin irritation, redness and itching of eyes, and persistent wheezing or coughing. Mold is common in households, and in New Jersey it has been running rampant due to the recent floods. Luckily, there are a few ways to address and reduce mold indoors.

1. Control the Moisture

Mold thrives in moist, warm environments. Rooms that are frequently damp like bathrooms are a perfect breeding ground for mold. Prevent this by providing adequate ventilation, cleaning frequently, and not leaving damp towels or clothing lying around. Don’t forget about carpets! If carpet is allowed to stay damp for a long amount of time, mold will inevitably grow. If you have carpets that have been affected by flooding or leaking pipes, replace them immediately and ensure that the flooring beneath hasn’t been affected.

2. Clean & Repair Roof Gutters

Did you know roof gutters are a prime spot for mold buildup? This is because they are usually moist and when debris and old leaves pile up, mold is encouraged to grow. Prevent this by servicing your gutters every spring and fall. While you’re checking gutters, remember to check your pipes and plumbing areas as well. Pressure changes with temperature can create leaks.

3. Equip Your Home with Mold-Resistant Products

From the cleaner you use in your bathroom and on countertops to paint additives that inhibit mold growth, there are a variety of products that help reduce and prevent mold in your home. Not sure what to use? Ask us! Our mold remediation experts will give you recommendations based on your situation.

4. Check HVAC Systems

Often overlooked, HVAC systems can be breeding grounds for mold, which can grow anywhere from the ducts to the filters. Inspecting these systems regularly and using products to eliminate and prevent mold is essential. If you suspect there may be mold growing in your HVAC, DO NOT RUN the system. This only disperses the harmful spores to the rest of the building.

5. Call the Experts

Call Pathogend of New Jersey (800) 920-7608 24/7, your mold remediation experts! We are trained and ready to take on all kinds of mold, and would be happy to help you reduce mold indoors.

Reduce mold indoors with Pathogend of New Jersey experts in mold remediation.

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