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Candida Auris: Bug of the Month

Candida auris is an emerging fungus that presents a serious global health threat. In some individuals the yeast enters the bloodstream and can cause serious invasive infections. The Center for Disease Control is concerned about C. auris for three main reasons:

  • It is often multidrug-resistant, meaning that it is resistant to multiple antifungal drugs commonly used to treat Candida infections. Some strains are resistant to all three available classes of antifungals.
  • It is difficult to identify with standard laboratory methods, and it can be misidentified in labs without specific technology. Misidentification may lead to inappropriate management.
  • It has caused outbreaks in healthcare settings. For this reason, it is important to quickly identify C. auris in a hospitalized patient so that healthcare facilities can take special precautions to stop its spread. – CDC, May 2021

H2O2 disinfectants are the most successful at reducing Candida auris CFUs. This is our specialty. Contact your bio-decontamination experts at Pathogend of New Jersey – we guarantee the highest kill rate (6-log)of pathogens possible and exceed traditional cleaning, sanitization and disinfection processes.

Pathogend of New Jersey makes hospital-grade decontamination safe, affordable and convenient, offering routine bio-decontamination services as well as 24/7 emergency outbreak response.

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